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Harp GallerieS

Over the years we have , on a fairly relaxed basis, kept a photo record of various repairs and refurbishments that we have carried out. For your interest and to try and convey the style and quality of the work we do, we have included here a selection from our records. It covers such things a new necks, sound-boards, gilding and mechanism work, showing work being done on an Erard Gothic and a Grecian as well a Lyon & Healy a Russian and a Salvi.

Action Repair

<go to action repair gallery> This shows a modern Salvi action which had suffered from a broken link and also being a very hard working orchestral harp for the last 20 years the spindle bushings in the face plates had become quite worn causing a great deal of sloppiness in the motion and thereby causing a lot of buzzes.

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Grecian – A Complete Rebuild

<go to gallery grecian rebuild> This is a classic example or a total re-build of an Erard Grecian harp from about 1820. It had suffered badly from woodworm in the pedal box body and neck , the sound-board had failed and much of the original moulding had fallen off. So the photos show us making and fitting a new neck a new sound-board, working on the action, fitting new mouldings, re-gilding and the new paint and lacquer work.

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Grecian Harp – Gold Coach Lines

<go to gallery grecian harp - coach lines> This short sequence shows some shots of gold coach lines being applied to a replacement neck for a very beautiful black lacquered Grecian harp that had suffered a rather unfortunate accident that required a new neck.

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Russian Harp – New Neck and Soundboard

<go to gallery new neck and soundboard> A new neck and soundboard for a Russian harp [Joys neck and board].
A fairly detailed photo record of all the stages of fitting a new neck and a new soundboard to an early Russian extended soundboard harp. This was a classic case where the harp had been knocked over and the result was that the neck broke in two and then the tension in the strings plunged the broken neck into the soundboard.

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Gothic Rebuilt and Completely Regilded

<go to gothic rebuild gallery> This quite late model Erard gothic harp had come in for a new sound board in the end the harpist couldn’t resist going for the “full monty” and had us copy the original yellow colouring on the board including real gold parallel coach lines with trefoil breaks and then a complete re-gild of the pedal box and pillar. Mind you it does lend up looking absolutely stunning.

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Harpo Trolley

<go to gallery harpo trolley> Detail shots of the Harpo in various poses.

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<go to gallery various> An entirely random collection taken from our library of photos that we have taken over the last 20 odd years

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