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Harpo Trolley

A superior harp trolley

harpo trolley  

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Several years ago a harpist in Germany became extremely fed up and frustrated by the inadequacies of the harp trolleys that were available. Fortunately for harpists her husband was a home engineer and the head of quality control for BMW cars. He set about designing and making a trolley that would address all the shortcomings that his wife complained about with respect to the other trolleys available.

The aspects that he set out to improve were, weight, steering, ability to cope with various terrains, ease of use on stairs, capability to be drastically smaller when not in use and secure yet easy attachment off the harp to the trolley.

These problems were solved by using aircraft grade aluminium alloy for the structure, large diameter pneumatic wheels, ingenious collapse and lock mechanisms for the frame and platform and a quick release system for the wheels, a large solid non-slip covered platform and quick release nylon webbing straps.



Harp Strings

Bow brand natural gut strings and Pirastro bass strings.

harp strings

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Traveling Practice Harp

Following a request from one of our customers for some kind of aid to maintaining hard fingertips and also for practicing hand/finger positioning, we designed and developed the Troubadour.

practice harp  
  • Maintain hard fingertips
  • Practice hand and finger positioning
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick assemble and dissemble

    Price: £375

The Troubadour spans 2 octaves from middle C upwards and is strung with concert harp tension and string spacing.

When you have finished practicing simply slacken off the strings and fold the Troubadour up to give a very small and easily carried instrument (see Figure 01).

practice harp collapsed
Figure 01.

The Troubadour travel harp now features a new quick release locking mechanism which serves to improve the stability of the instrument whilst making it quicker and easier to assemble and dissemble (see Figure 02).

practice harp quick release
Figure 02.