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Repair and Maintenance
harp repair harp repair harp restoration

Here at Niebisch & Tree Harps, we make and sell harps, and cover all aspects of concert harp maintenance harp repair and harp restoration. We have extensive experience with all makes of harps, from the 18th century to contemporary instruments including, Salvi, Lyon & Healy, Horngacher, Camac, Aoyama and more.

We deal with insurance work and all forms of accidental damage as well as normal wear and tear. Upon inspection of the instrument we provide a detailed written quote. Please have a look in the gallery pages for photo-stories of some of our repairs covering:

  • Action repair
  • New neck and board for a Grecian harp
  • New soundboard with decoration for a Lyon & Healy
  • Gilding work and various other major repairs

Types of Harp Repair Work

The kinds of repairs we do include the replacement of harp necks and harp soundboards, using only the finest materials, and a complete harp regulation service (based around a super high resolution computer software and hardware; allowing us to work to a 200th of a semitone).


Selecting Materials

In order to be certain of the maximum quality of repair when making new necks and soundboards, we have sourced the very finest instrument quality sitka spruce, Canadian hard rock maple, hand selected thick cut veneers along with sustainably sourced decorative tropical hardwoods. All these materials are purchased and stored in the workshop for many years so that we can maintain them in the best possible condition.

By this means, we can select the best matched pieces of tone-wood for every soundboard along with the particular veneers, etc., which allows us to blend the new repair with the original look and feel of the harp.

Harp Restoration Service

Full restoration service includes re-riveting concert harp actions, polishing, veneering and matte oil or burnished water gilding as well as stringing and pedal wrapping.

Same Day Service

We offer a same day service (pedal wrapping, regulation, action adjustment and de-buzzing), with a full no quibble backup service, achieving total optimisation for your harp.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is as important to us as is quality of workmanship and materials. We ensure that all work we undertake is effected efficiently and without undue delay, so that your harp is out of commission for not a moment longer than is absolutely necessary.