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USED harps

If you would like to list your harp for free on this page, or for us to actively sell it for you, please contact us to make arrangements. Note: listings on our website are free.

If you are interested in buying one of the listed harps and require more details, please feel free to email us or phone on 01494 913686.

Horngacher Orchestra

Horngacher Orchestra, number 646 built in 1984.
This utterly gorgeous harp lived at the Royal Academy of Music for many years where it was loved by all.

 It has a beautiful, warm rich tone and is a truly superior harp.
It is in great condition and is a joy to play.

I’m happy to show over Zoom, FaceTime and when restrictions allow it will be available for viewing outside Winchester, SO53 5QF.
I can deliver this harp to your home if within 2 hours of my address when restrictions are lifted.

This is the kind of harp you can’t walk past without playing, would suit anyone, from a professional to a dedicated student. 

Price: £33,000

Contact:- Hayley Wild

Email: hayleyharp@icloud.com

Dusty Strings FH36B

dusty strings lever harp

Beautiful cherry Dusty Strings FH36B with flame cherry soundboard and an excellent sound. The harp is in great condition with only a few small marks and scrapes. The harp is also fitted with a Dusty Strings pickup for instant amplification.

The harp comes with a Dusty Strings padded travel case and tuning key as well as an almost complete set of spare gut strings. 

The harp has been serviced prior to sale and can be viewed and played by appointment at our High Wycombe workshop.

Price: £3500

Location:- Niebisch and Tree showroom (High Wycombe)

Email: ntharps@outlook.com

Camac Hermine

Camac Hermine 34 string lever harp in walnut with detachable legs, eight years old.  Comes with dust cover, Camac padded case and tuning key.

Price: £1850

Location:- Chipping Norton

Email: brcw2@yahoo.com

NT Harps Avalon

Finished in flame mahogany this beautiful harp has an excellent sound and only some minor knocks, it is in excellent overall condition and will last for many years. The harp has had a full set of gut strings and several wire strings replaced prior to sale, as well as having a full service. 

The harp comes with a padded travel cover that is also in very good condition.

The harp can be viewed and played by appointment at our High Wycombe workshop.

Price: £3000 o.n.o

Location:- Niebisch and Tree showroom (High Wycombe)

Email: ntharps@outlook.com

Camac Hermine

It is in immaculate condition and it has very clear sound.
Only a year and half old. Height 121 cm on feet.  Weight 11kg.
Range 34 strings from 1A to 6C. (6C - 5C wire strings, 5D - 1A Alliance strings) Wood: Body is maple and beach. Soundboard is Spruce.

Complete with Camac dust cover and tuning key.

Price: £1850

Email: miekodriver@icloud.com


Pilgrim Aldeburgh

47 strings with extended soundboard but the frame is slightly smaller than most pedal harps so it is perfect for a beginner or someone looking for a smaller pedal harp to gig with. I'm selling with a full set of 4 covers and a harp trolly. I'm also selling with a selection of strings

Price: £9500

Location:- Birmingham

Email: emily.hopper@ymail.com

Morley Pedal Harp

Beautiful 48 string Morley pedal harp, with a lovely sound and original neck, soundboard and gilding. has wear commensurate with its age but is generally in very good condition. The harp will be serviced and have a new set of bass wires fitted prior to sale.

​* George Morley 1912/1913 Pedal Harp.

* Straight Soundboard but a huge, mellow sound.

* 48 Strings, maple and gilded.

* Comes with a trolley and a set of outside covers as well.

* Regularly serviced, played and loved by a professional Harpist.

Price: £14,500

Email: fiona@harpist.uk.com

Erard Gothic

Beautiful 46 string Erard Gothic with a smooth and quiet action. The harp was fully restored in 2006 with a new neck and soundboard and was fully re-gilded. The harp comes with a dust cover, base cover and trolley. The harp can be viewed and played in our High Wycombe showroom. 

Price: £9500

Location:- Niebisch and Tree showroom (High Wycombe)

Phone: 01494 913 686

Email: ntharps@outlook.com



Salvi Orchestra

salvi orchestra

Salvi Orchestra Pedal Harp, 46 strings, in mahogany, 33 years old, good sound and in good condition, fully serviced and regulated in 2011.

Price: £8000 o.n.o.

Location:- London SE23.

Email: valeriesaintmartin@yahoo.com

Erard Gothic

erard gothic

New neck, freshly re-gilded and in excellent working condition. Comes with tuning keys, inner and outer cover. Will suit a professional harpist, concert quality.

Price: £9500 o.n.o

Email: lydia.bauman@googlemail.com