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Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from just a handful of our clients. Please click on the client's name to view the original.

Thank you SO much for the repair to our harp.  I feel positively dreadful - we had no idea that this amount of improvement was possible.  We got the only harp we could afford to buy and, to be honest, just thought that this was all it could do.
Alexis le Duc

What a joy to have had the harp overhauled, I played the first concert last night and indeed it was a real pleasure! Many thanks Nigel for your excellent labours which are warmly appreciated.
Jean Bell

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my little Erard. Congratulations to you and Andreas for your excellent and scholarly workmanship. The sound is very beautiful and I am sure Erard (up there) must be proud of you and your team.
Kay Swift


I am delighted with the instrument – it’s lovely to see such beautiful craftsmanship. With thanks yours sincerely.
Margaret Knight

I am delighted with the work you have done on my clarsach, with the new thinner strings it sounds bright and attractive. Thank you very much.
Sheila Watts

Just a line to say how thrilled I am with the harp – it’s really settling in nicely – everyone who’s seen it has drooled greatly!
Gaynor Sadler