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Harp Service Call-outs

We provide first class on-site concert and lever harp servicing throughout the UK and abroad. We also provide on-site emergency repairs and evaluations for auction houses.

We come to the harp and can carry out a complete service (including pedal wrapping and regulation) as if it had been in the workshop. We always bring a complete set of tools, strings and our computer aided regulation system.

If you have a number of harps requiring work in one location, we will be pleased to book an appointment that suits you.

  • In your own home
  • In a college
  • On ship (we service the harps on the QM2 and Queen Victoria)
  • Overseas
  • In the orchestra pit
  • In a recording studio

We also provide an emergency call-out service.  
Perhaps you are in the middle of a concert or a recording session and there is a problem with your harp or a vital string breaks for which you don’t have a replacement.


    On location abroad
In the gallery section, you will find some short photo stories showing us working on the QM2 and the queen Victoria where we regularly service their on board Lyon & Healy harps. There are also photos of Andreas on one of his overseas trips to Madagascar.

Andreas regularly travels to various European countries where several harpists and orchestras get together to organise 6 to 8 harps that need servicing. They usually arrange either to use a room at the college, orchestra, or studio where all the harps can be bought together for all the servicing work.

On location in the UK
We have covered diverse locations from the canary islands to the UAE and the Edinburgh International Harp festival. At the other end of the scale, we regularly go to various auction houses (Sothebys, etc,) to appraise harps either for harpists looking to buy or on behalf of the auctioneers to make valuations.

There are a number of harpists in the London area who often call us out to service their harps at home and we regularly get called to the orchestra pits of the West end theatres.  

So, if for whatever reason you are in need of a harp expert/technician please contact us by phone on 01494 913686 or email and we will happily discuss your requirements.