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Welcome to the website of Niebisch & Tree Harps.

We are based just outside London. We have been making and selling harps for over thirty years.

We cover all aspects of concert harp repair, restoration and servicing including emergency call-outs. As well as servicing and repairing all makes of lever harp.

We have extensive experience with all makes of harps, from the 18th century to contemporary instruments.

Concert Harp Servicing

We service all makes and models of harps (Salvi, Horngacher, Lyon & Healy, Erard, Venus, Aoyama, etc.) regulating to within very fine limits checking and adjusting all parts of the harp and lubricating if necessary.

  • Same day service for concert harps
  • Pedal wrapping
  • Regulation
  • Re-stringing
  • De-buzzing

We also service all makes of lever harp.

Harp Repairs And Restoration

We specialise in all harp repairs from replacing necks and sound boards to re-gilding and all types of action repairs. Detailed quotes for accident repairs are provided within 24 hours of inspecting the harp and we provide a free basic valuation service.

  • New necks
  • New soundboards
  • Gilding
  • Action re-riveting and refurbishing

All work carried out to the highest standard.

Harp Sales

We make and sell our own design lever harps as well as second hand harps of any description. We often have a good selection to choose from.

  • Our own design lever harps
  • Second hand concert harps
  • Bow brand harp strings
  • Pirastro bass wire strings
  • Headway pickups
  • Harpo harp trolleys

Please view the New and Used Harps pages for what is currently available.

Find us on Facebook to get updates and see photos from some of our latest work


    Harp Service Call-Outs

On site harp servicing is a service that we offer for those who cannot travel or if there are a number of harps requiring work. We come to the harp and carry out a complete service (including pedal wrapping and regulation) as if it had been in the workshop.

  • In your home
  • In a college
  • On ship (we service the harps on the QM2 and Queen Victoria)
  • Overseas
  • In the orchestra pit

Harp Strings

We stock Bow brand natural gut harp strings and wire basses as well Pirastro bass harp strings.

harp strings
  • Bow Brand natural gut harp strings and wire basses
  • Pirastro wire bass harp strings
  • Celtic wire basses
  • Nylon