Height: 47 inches (1180mm)
Soundboard width: 12 inches (300mm)
Width of base: 15 inches (380mm)
Extreme width: 28 inches (700mm)
Strings: 34 - 1st A to 6th C
Weight: 12kg (26lbs)
Available: in either Ash, Beech, Cherry, or Black Walnut. Colours available to order

Price: £3670


Telor is the Welsh word for "Warbler"
Telynau Teifi Harps speak for themselves. They have a truly distinctive sound - huge, rich and warm, with a clear, ringing treble. Harpists are delighted with the responsiveness of the instrument, and the clarity and depth of sound that can be achieved with our harps.

Telor - 34 string Folk Harp

Exceptionally warm and clear sound
Choice of stringing options – lever gauge gut for bright, vibrant tone or standard/pedal for rich, mellow tone.

Made from the finest hand-selected materials, available in Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash and Beech woods. Other woods, personalisation and decoration available to order
Removable legs available to order for a raised playing height
The Telor harp model offers harpists a world of choice when it comes to stringing, sound and lever preference. For those harpists who want a rich, mellow sound we recommend standard/pedal gauge gut strings. For harpists who require a vibrant, clear resonance we suggest lever gauge gut.

With Camac levers as standard, or premium hand crafted Telynau Teifi levers available as special order, the Telor can be tailored entirely to your own desires.

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