siff saff  

siff saff

Height: 1.35m
Weight: 10 kg
Lever gauge strings
Strings: 34 Bow Brand Lever Gauge Gut 
Range: 1st Oct A to 6th Oct C
Tuning pins: Colour indicated
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 10 kg
Height Including legs. : 135cm 
Height without legs: 110 com

Price: £1895


Siff Saff - 34 string lever harp
Simply the best introductory harp
Our latest introductory harp. Designed by listening to your feedback and building upon the outstanding success of the Robyn.

"We prefer a lighter harp" - The Siff Saff is 20 % lighter than previous models.

"Bass notes are usually dull on introductory harps" - The Siff Saff has been built with careful attention to produce rich even tones from bass to treble. 

"A square sound box digs into my legs" - The Siff Saff has a rounded sound box.

"All the extras soon add up" - We include detachable legs, canvas carry case and a tuning key in the price. Everything you need to get started.

"I need a harp to take me from beginner to intermediate" - The Siff Saff can take you from a beginner, intermediate and beyond. It provides all requirements for responsive playing.

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