• Extended soundboard lever harp
  • Just over 10 Kgs
  • Span 6C to 1B
  • Made with Premium Carbon fibre, Sitka spruce soundboard and Canadian hard rock maple

Price: £6500

After a long period of research, testing and making we created the Nightingale EX an extended soundboard lever harp. The carbon composite body, matched with hand selected sitka spruce extended soundboard and solid maple neck and pillar, produces a clear and bright tone with outstanding projection.

Uncompromising quality
The Nightingale lever harp has 34 strings spanning 6C to 1A. The neck and pillar are made from cross laminated Canadian hard-rock maple, the body is made using a special lamination of tone wood and carbon fibre to make it light and resonant; with hand-picked premiere quality quarter sawn sitka spruce for the soundboard. It stands 1.3 metres at its tallest point. T Every harp comes complete with tuning key and dust cover. The Nightingale comes in a natural wood finish with black detailing lines on neck and pillar, and carbon fibre outer layer on the body as standard, however it can be finished in a colour of your choosing at no extra cost.

Perfect semi-tones
All harps produced by Niebisch and Tree feature our unique semi-tone mechanism, which is free from all possibility of rattle and yet fully and easily adjustable. The semi-tone levers are made entirely of alloy steel, cast gun metal and stainless steel (this is to ensure no loss of tone and longevity of the mechanism). The string contact point is hand polished to ensure minimal string wear. With an easy to use single finger flip-action and a positive ‘on’ position which means no unnecessary fumbling and perfect semi-tones every time.

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