albion lever harp   Albion
  • A student version of the Avalon
  • Concert harp string spacing and tension
  • 34 strings
  • Span 6C to 1A

Price: £3995

This near concert tension celtic harp is the result of many years of continuous development to extend the range of quality instruments available to harpists. The feel and response of the Albion are almost identical to the pedal harp, providing an excellent grounding in concert harp technique and facilitating a smooth transition to the larger harp.

Full tone
The Albion has a full rich tone which spreads evenly throughout its range. Exhibiting a strong projection with extraordinary volume, this harp has been designed not only for the absolute beginner who wishes to progress to the concert harp but also for those who need a rugged functional instrument. It is fully capable of holding its own within a group and is perfect for vocal accompaniment.

Quality construction, budget price
The Albion lever harp has 34 strings spanning 6C-1A, concert harp string spacing and near concert harp tension. The Albion stands 1.10m at its tallest point.We have simplified the structure and materials in order to minimize the overall cost of the harp. Naturally we still hand pick the quarter sawn sitka spruce for the soundboard and craft each instrument individually.

Scientific craftsmanship
By rigorous application of musical science and computer aided design allied to 20 years of experience, we have preserved the highest possible levels of response and quality of tone in the instrument. Each harp is built by one craftsman from start to finish thus ensuring that very Albion fulfils its inherent potential to develop its own unique personality.

Perfect semi-tones
All harps produced by Niebisch & Tree Harps feature our unique semi-tone mechanism, which is free from all possibility of rattle and yet fully adjustable. The semi-tone levers are made entirely of alloy steel and polished brass to ensure no loss of tone in use and longevity of the mechanism. An easy single finger flip action with a positive “on” position means no unnecessary fumbling and perfect semi-tones very time.

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